Jan 082014
Eats: Pequod's is the best deep(ish) dish pizza in Chicago. For real.

The place: Pequod’s at 2207 N Clybourn in Chicago The date: Many, many times The (deep) dish: Chicago is a devoted pizza town, and consequently you will hear much debate and countless opinions about where you can find the best pizza around. One thing locals agree on, though, is that deep dish is clearly superior [...]

Dec 212013
Eats, the No/Go Series: Revolution Brewery = GO!

Revolution Brewing, 2323 N Milwaukee Avenue (The No/Go Series is something I am starting for places I’ve visited — often repeatedly — but never gotten around to writing a full, detailed review. Most times, it will be a short assessment about whether the place is worth visiting, or not worth your time. The latter establishments [...]